What is an Urgent Care clinic?

Walk-in clinics and Urgent Care treat acute illnesses and injuries that are not serious enough for a visit to an Emergency Room. If your physician is closed or not easily accessible these Urgent Care walk in clinics can be a great choice. Urgent Care clinics provide extended hours and are generally in convenient locations and may include an Emergency Care Walk-in clinic.

What does an Urgent Care Clinic treat?

If you are having a bad day, Urgent Care centers will help treat a wide range of conditions including infections, allergies, skin conditions, flu, minor injuries and wounds, strep throat, and sporting injuries. Most centers will also provide testing / diagnosis, physicals, and immunizations such as influenza shots and the bird flu vaccine. Find your local Urgent Care centre here. Urgent care centers are appropriate if you need care for a minor medical emergency or if you require other medical services like lab work and vaccinations. These centers are convenient and widely accessible.

What if I need Emergency Care?

Most people go to the Emergency Room for broken bones or traumatic injuries. However if you need the nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Care you can choose Urgent Care Walk-in clinics which have x-ray machines. This can be a lot cheaper and the service is generally much faster. Look here for the closest Urgent Care near you.

Where can I find Urgent Care?

If you are saying to yourself, I need urgent health care, where can I find a Medical Centre near me or an Urgent Care clinic near me, this is where you look. You will also find medical centers open now, and Immediate Care centers. Look on this site for a Walk-in clinic or Medical center near you.

Is there an Emergency walk in clinic or Urgent care centre near me?

There will be an Emergency walk-in clinic near you, and you will find it on this site. If you find an Urgent Care clinic in your area which is not listed on this site, let us know through the contact page and we will add it! You will be helping your neighbours!! Good luck and I hope you never need Urgent Care.

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