What About An Urgent Care Center?

Walkin clinic urgent care no appointment necessary

Urgent Care centers are similar to Walk-in clinics but with more capacity and a greater range of services. They are able to treat injuries and illnesses which are more serious than those treated at a Walk-in clinic. They are not suitable for life threatening injuries. Emergency care rooms are best for such a situation. Urgent Care centers are set up to treat patients at a more economical rate than hospitals and emergency rooms. Basically they offer cheap health care for no life threaten injuries.

Normally there will be at least one medical doctor in an Urgent Care center and patients can be seen at any time. They also have on their staff nurse practitioners and physician assistants as well. At an Urgent Care center you would expect to find x-ray equipment on site and as well as dealing with broken bones they will handle more severe conditions such as burns.

If your issue is life threatening, head straight to an emergency room or hospital. If it isn’t however, you are doing yourself a service as you will be seen quicker and it will be cheaper for you. You can still see your normal doctor or primary care physician, however they are frequently not available late at night or on weekends, whereas and Urgent Care center or Walk-in clinic will usually be open at these times.

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