Submit a new clinic

If you own or represent an urgent care clinic, or know of one nearby, you can submit it for free to

  • FREE to create a basic listing
  • Potential patients will be just a couple of clicks away from your clinic
  • Get additional exposure for your clinic
Geo targeted

Geographically targeted

Our local results really are local! Visitors are automatically given the closest clinics to their detected location.

Visitors near your clinic only need to click one link and they're at your clinic page - getting your phone number and address.

Measure the impact of your clinic

Keep your clinic up to date

If your clinic has out of date information on it you can easily update the content by suggesting and edit.

We will try our best to carry out your edit suggestion within 48 hours. Best thing is - it's free!

Mobile web app

Mobile web app

Mobile users* are asked if they would like to add our 'Mobile Web App' to their device. This is an icon placed on their homescreen that sits with all their other apps. This puts our unique brand name on our visitors devices - building brand reputation and increasing return visits.

* Most modern touch screen devices.

Measure the impact of your clinic

Measurable impact

We automatically link with your Google Analytics - see how many visitors go to your own website by clicking on your clinic links. There is nothing to do on your end.